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Turning Cause into Your Competitive Advantage

John Wood and Amalia McGibbon

In this revolutionary book, authors John Wood and co-author Amalia McGibbon set out to refute Milton Friedman’s oft-repeated adage that there is no social purpose of business beyond returning maximum profits to shareholders.  Instead, they show once and for all that cause is not the enemy of commercialism, but perhaps the new key to it. 

Based on over 100 interviews with entrepreneurs and executives, the provide a breath-taking tour of this new and inspiring world.  Readers learn how a storng sense of purpose can help their business to win the war for talent, create a compelling bond with customers, motivate employees, reduce attrition, create a positive buzz on social media, and so much more.

Purpose Incorporated is a “permission slip” to all those seeking to use the power of business to make the world a better place, and provides examples that will inspire the reader to find their own ways to unite cause and capitalism.


An Entrepreneur's Odyssey to Educate the World's Children

John Wood

John’s first book helped turn Room to Read from a little-known start up to a global brand.  Described by Publishers Weekly as “an infectiously inspiring read”, the memoir tells the story of John’s gut-wrenching decision to abandon a senior executive position at Microsoft at age 35 to pursue his passion for changing the world through the power of education.  The book was endorsed by Bill Clinton and Oprah Winfrey, was translated into 23 languages, and was chosen by Amazon as one of the Top Ten Business Narratives of the Year.

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A Story for Hope in the Battle for Global Literacy

John Wood

Once you’ve launched your dream, how do you then take it to serious scale?  John wrote this popular sequel toLeaving Microsoft in order to answer this often-asked question.  A field guide for every aspiring entrepreneur, the book brings to life John’s “extraordinary enthusiasm and boldness” (Financial Times) in growing Room to Read from a cash-strapped startup into one of the world’s most impactful education organizations, serving over 16 million children in 16 countries. The book was endorsed by Melinda Gates and Sheryl Sandberg and was described by Kirkus Reviews as “an absorbing personal account of a remarkable achievement”.


John Wood (Author)

Abin Shrestha (Illustrator)

Meet Zak, a lovable, kind and talking (!) yak whose big heart brings change to a rural village in Nepal.  After meeting a headmaster whose school has no books in their library, Zak sets out on a journey with two young helpers, Manju and Arul, to bring books back to the village high in the Himalayan mountains.  Battling snowstorms and crossing raging rivers, Zak and his companions travel through the night, driven by their desire to share their love of books with hundreds of children.  Through their adventures, young readers will learn not only to value their own education, but also the importantce of taking action and becoming agents of change.  Join Zak, Manu and Arul on this exciting Himalayan adventure!


John Wood (Author)
Abin Shrestha (Illustrator)

Zak the Yak is back!  As always, he is trying to make the world a better place.  But this time he has two new friends to help him get the job done – Quack the smart-aleck duck and a young Vietnamese student named Vu.  The fearless trio set out on a quest to help Vu’s small community to build a new school. Our heroes have to pilot an over-loaded canoe full of building materials through the waters of the Mekong Delta in a race against time.  Will they get the school built before the monsoon winds and rains set in and destroy their progress?


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